Author Cheryl Schindler

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In the early periods of her journey, Cheryl’s passion for academia and creativity led her to pivotal roles that shaped her path. After her time at Bennett College, where she delved into Art and Art History, Cheryl’s pursuit of knowledge and creativity took her to various corners of the world.

Her academic journey began at the University of Iowa, where she earned her B.A. in Film and Broadcasting, immersing herself in the captivating world of media. During this era, in the vibrant 70s, she crossed paths with Carlos A. Cortinez, her first husband, amidst the academic ambiance. Their union marked the beginning of a transformative phase.

Together, they embarked on a new chapter at the University of Maine. At the same time, Carlos secured his first post-Ph.D. Cheryl embraced her role as a production assistant for a local TV children’s program. Simultaneously, she embarked on a journey toward a Master’s in Communication, showcasing her versatility and passion.

The chapters of Cheryl’s life turned the pages to New Orleans, where she and Carlos moved, and he took on a role teaching Latin American/Spanish literature. The city’s vibrant culture and artistic essence intertwined with Cheryl’s pursuit of knowledge and love for creativity.

As time unfolded, Cheryl’s journey took another turn, leading her to the path of her own artistic expression. Her narrative transformed into a symphony of words and visions as she embraced the roles of a writer, a technical virtuoso, a theatrical visionary, and a project director and producer. The culmination of this creative odyssey manifested in her cinematic opus titled “Powder Blue.”

Cheryl’s academic pursuits remained intertwined with her passion for communication and creativity. Her academic achievements, including a Symposium on Borges and with Borges, were a testament to her dedication to intellectual exploration. She adorned the Arnold Society Honors Society of Bennett College, symbolizing her scholarly excellence.

The pages of her life turned again, and Cheryl reflected on her journey with Carlos, a chapter of profundity and passion. As the seasons changed, so did the chapters of their lives, and they parted ways around 1980. Later, in 1987, she met Jacek W. Schindler, now known as a recognized international architect and her true love and soul mate. Many poems are inspired by their travels to Poland, where Jacek grew up under a communist regime, and travels to France, Romania, and Portugal. Read “The Man with Perfect Hands,” a tribute to Jacek and their love.

Cheryl’s chronicle is an intricate tapestry woven with threads of intellectual prowess, artistic dedication, and an unceasing quest for knowledge. Her narrative, a true embodiment of resilience, mirrors the transformative phases of life, serving as a testament to the ceaseless spirit of exploration. The author’s tremendous inspiration comes from her husband and Jacek, who never let her have second or negative thoughts. Cheryl’s journey has indelibly enriched the narrative of existence, casting hues of love and beauty across its canvas while maintaining adherence to the authentic chronological progression of events.

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